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Chocolate & Dipping Possibilities

Callebaut Chocolate for chocolate fountains
Using only the finest Callebaut Belgian chocolate, guests of every age will indulge in a myriad of dipping sensations.

Why Callebaut Chocolate?

For more than 150 years, the Callebaut name has been synonymous with fine chocolates and confections.

The Callebaut name began as a dairy in Belgium in the 1850s. Over the years, as chocolate evolved from a drink to a bar, the Callebaut name was well know for its fine chocolates. By 1981 Callebaut joined with Tobler-Suchard, and by 1996 the trade name became Barry Callebaut, merging companies from both Belgium and France. Today the name of this company is Barry Callebaut.

From the raw cocoa bean to the high quality cocoa sold on shelves today, Barry Callebaut is the leading manufacturer of high quality chocolate products. With annual sales of over 4 billion dollars and product selling in more than 23 countries, production in more than 30 facilities and more than 8000 employees, it has succeeded in every aspect of chocolate manufacturing.

The types of chocolate
Dark Chocolate

Not the most popular chocolate in the country, but certainly one which is a guilty pleasure of many. It gets its dark colouring from its 30%-75% make-up from solid cocoa. There is also little or no milk in dark chocolate- this all means that a dark chocolate fountain will give guests or visitors a rich and quite intense flavour which may not be to everyone’s taste. It may be worth taking a discreet poll of people’s chocolate preferences before embarking upon the hiring of a dark chocolate fountain.

Milk Chocolate

Ahhh, milk chocolate, the nations favourite. It is the chocolate used in most confectionary and is also the best-selling type of chocolate and thus is sure to go down a treat with your gathered guests. It contains about 10-20% cocoa and over 12% milk. It is sure to go down well with a majority of people and is certainly the ‘safe’ bet when considering which chocolate to choose.

White Chocolate

We all remember little bars of white chocolate from our childhoods and this could be the perfect to live out the childhood dream of having your very own white-chocolate fountain! In fact, we’re sorry to burst your bubble but, technically, this isn’t actually a chocolate as it contains no cocoa solids. It is made with milk, sugar, cocoa butter and vanilla; despite not technically being chocolate it is still one of the country’s best loved types of chocolate and will make a great choice for a fountain; the off-white colour provides a dynamic and exciting change from the normal brown-chocolate fountain. If you want to stand out from the crowd, and bring a touch of class to any event, a white chocolate fountain could be just the thing you’re looking for.

Dipping possibilities
Chocolate Fountain Fruit Possibilities
Strawberries - Bananas - Apple Slices - Pineapple - Kiwi - Grapes - Maraschino Cherries - Melons - Pears - Dried Apricots - Other Dried Fruits

Chocolate Fountain Cookie Possibilities
Chocolate Chip - Nutter Butters - Oreos - Rice Krispy Treats - Brownie Rounds - Sugar Wafers - Vanilla Wafers - Lady Fingers - Snickerdoodles - Peanut Butter Cookies - Gingersnaps - Coconut Macaroons - Tea Biscuits - Shortbread Cookies - Biscotti

Other Sweet Possibilities
Caramel Squares - Mint Sticks - Creme De Pirouline - Peanut Butter Spoons - Graham Cracker Squares - Marshmallows - Candy Canes - Donuts - Mini Cream Puffs - Angel Food Cake - Frozen Twinkies

Chocolate Fountain Salty Possibilities
Potato Chips - Pretzel Rods - Ritz Crackers - Nuts


We do ask that you please keep in mind that foods which crumble, such as cake, may not be used because they will fall into the fountain and cause the chocolate to be lumpy which will create a disruption in the flow of chocolate. However, Chocolate Fountain Laddling is appropriate for those items.

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